A Public Space is a community accesible art space. It is home to a small gallery, our printshop, and the offices of the Lighthouse Works. The space is used to host artist talks, public events, to show alumni work as part of our Legacy Program and to screen films.


Rose Marcus and Jennifer Sullivan

September 4 to October 8, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 4th at 10AM

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The Lighthouse Works is happy to present two works by Jennifer Sullivan and Rose Marcus of images featuring objects (alive and not) in repose. Sullivan and Marcus were fellows at Lighthouse Works in the Summer of 2015. This exhibition marks one year since their time here on Fishers Island, NY.

JENNIFER SULLIVAN (b. 1978) is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist. Solo exhibitions include House Cat at Arts + Leisure, New York, NY, (2015), Big Girl Paintings, Five Car Garage, Los Angeles, CA (2014), Adult Movie, Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, CA (2011), and One-Week Walden, Freight + Volume, New York, NY (2010). Sullivan has also exhibited and performed in exhibitions at MoMA, PS1, Essex Flowers, Pablo’s Birthday, 247365, Klaus Von Nichtsaggend, and Arthouse. Awards include a fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center, and residencies at Skowhegan, Ox-Bow, and Yaddo. Her work has been reviewed in the NY Times,, and Art Papers, and her videos are included in the Geisel Library collection at the University of California in San Diego.

ROSE MARCUS (b. Atlanta, GA, 1982) is a New York-based artist. Her solo exhibitions include Know More Games and Eli Ping Frances Perkins (New York), David Peterson Gallery (Minneapolis), And Now (Dallas), and Night Gallery (Los Angeles). In 2010 and 2011, she organized The Dependent Art Fair in New York. She received a BFA from Pratt Institute and received her MA in Art History from Hunter College, both in New York.

Rose Marcus' visual, curatorial, and performative work has been mentioned in The New Yorker, The Observer, Art in America, Artforum, Cura, and Mousse Magazine. She has written recent essays for the Theo Westenberger Foundation and Kunstmuseum Bonn, and her writing has also been featured in Dis Magazine.

Met (Muse with dream)
49 1/2” x 33 1/2”
inkjet print on plexi with no white ink and aluminum frame

Afraid Very Afraid
30” x 30”
Oil on Canvas

Rose's Website

Jen's Website

David Whelan

August 15 to August 27, 2016

Closing Reception on Saturday, August 27th from 5 to 7PM
Performances by Stephen Decker and David Whelan will broadcast these temporal divergences through the a-significations of radio and poetic speech.

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Composed of soft pillow-bodies and printed ephemera, Dementia-Machine comes together at ‘A Public Space’ in the form of a reading room; a place to rest and study materials. Two bodies of research overlap within the folds and hidden pockets of this space; an ongoing archive recording the persecution of Greek communists during the twentieth century and a more abstract exploration of dementia as a concept for political resistance. By gently linking the ruptures necessary for political autonomy with those associated with neurodegenerative disease Dementia-Machine suggests that a radical counter-memory, one streaked by non-linear temporalities, can emerge through tenuous proximity.


David Whelan is an artist living between Queens, New York and Athens, Greece. His work desires to mobilize previously unimagined subjectivities around what Felix Guattari calls "a-signfying semiotics". This includes research into (schizo)therapeutic care, alternative temporalities, and the becoming-molecular of communism. David received his MFA from the Yale School of Art in 2012 and has since received a Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship and Fulbright Scholarship. 

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Wilder Alison

July 28 to August 11, 2016

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In Chat, by way of faucets, dye baths, and a stubborn gray house cat, Wilder Alison’s recent paintings and prints investigate how language engenders a split between the mind and the subject’s context in the world.

1. J/e is the symbol of the lived, rending experience which is m/y writing, of this cutting in two which throughout literature is an exercise of the language which does not constitute m/e as subject.  J/e poses the ideological and historic question of feminine subjects.

                                                                            - Monique Wittig

2. A is for les achats.  The shopping.  A cat – un chat – demands that the faucet leaks.  A sink is a bowl that could have held water, but which has a hole in it.  Why isn’t the cat interested in its regular bowl of water?  The cat is going shopping in the drain.  The cat resuscitates the lost water by lapping up the dribble from the faucet.  The cat is plugged in: the cat struggles to grasp the water, the thought, which seems to pass through the cat’s head.  Thought is a digestive function.  The body is known by way of an image which is located in the mind (in the body).  The cat is trying to get at the thing that is beyond image.  And the paper bag remains empty.


WILDER ALISON is an interdisciplinary artist and a 2016 graduate of the Bard MFA Painting program. She was a fellow at Lighthouse Works in the Spring of 2014.  In recent years, Alison has exhibited work with 247365, Rachel Uffner, Culture Room, Primetime, and Garden Party Arts, among others.  Alison is currently an artist-in-residence at the Fire Island Artist Residency and the Lower East Side Printshop, and will be a fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center starting in October. 

Wilder's Website

j/e #6
33” x 57”
Dyed wool, thread, wood

j/e #5
34” x 58”
Dyed wool, thread, wood

The Shopping (Les Achats)
17” x 12” x 6”
Silkscreen on paper bag

Matthew Fischer
Corner Apartment

June 30 to July 14, 2015

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Corner Apartment introduces a new body of work from Matthew Fischer (Summer 2012 Fellow). Fischer’s new paintings are ruptured by found objects that become knowable bedfellows alongside the imaginary screen space of two dimensional painting. The found objects each hold a residue of time and memory, which, when paired with new abstraction, form fresh narratives about the mysterious cross-section of time and space. The curious imposition of the three dimensional objects highlights a search for something delicately aggressive and personal. Each canvas is slowly brought to bear in relation to the found object, becoming a whole, grown out of a reciprocal formal and conceptual dialog. The work is defined by its own spatial self-awareness, verging on awkwardness and imbalance, while quietly protruding its sense of the real into our shared physical space.


Matthew Fischer lives and works in New York.  He has exhibited at Jack Tilton Gallery, Jack Hanley Gallery, Junior Projects and 247365 in New York and Fjord and Bridgette Mayer Gallery in Philadelphia. He has been an artist in residence at The Edward F. Albee Foundation (2013/2015) in Montauk, NY and The Lighthouse Works on Fishers Island, NY in 2012.  In 2011 he received an MFA from Columbia University. Fischer currently teaches studio art and art history at the 92Y in Manhattan and the Central Queens Y in Forest Hills, NY.

Matthew's Website -


17" x 20" x 13"

oil on linen,
wooden paint box

(large) | (side)

17" x 20" x 10"

oil on linen,
wooden chair rail

(large) | (side)

17" x 20" x 8"

oil on linen,
wooden fret work shelf

(large) | (side)

17" x 20" x 6"

oil on linen, book

(large) | (side)

17" x 20" x 7"

oil on linen
wooden cricket cage, stain, 3x5” photographs

(large) | (side)

13" x 17" x 15"

oil on linen, wood, Chinese scroll handle

(large) | (side)

13" x 17" x 7"

oil on linen, booklet

(large) | (side)

13" x 17" x 9"

oil on linen, wooden box, shells, string, sand, rocks, plastic pellet

(large) | (side)

13" x 17" x 16"

oil on linen,
wooden letter block drawer

(large) | (side)




A Public Space is located on Montauk Avenue between the Pequot Inn and the Red Barn Gallery.


Wednesday through Friday
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The Legacy Program at The Lighthouse Works, invites past fellows to re-engage with our Fishers Island community through an exhibition, perfromance and public reading series hosted at A Public Space on Fishers Island, NY.



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